Allegiant Stadium Takes Shape


Is Raiders Stadium taking shape or what? As we are driving around the city lately, it is becoming more and more obvious that the new Allegiant Stadium is going to be an amazing venue. I am sure UNLV football and the Raiders are chomping at the bit to get into the new facility and let the pigskin fly.

The Las Vegas Bowl will be played there this December and I can’t begin to imagine the elaborate and exciting events that will take place at this terrific new venue. There is talk that the 2027 Superbowl will be played at Allegiant Stadium and I have to assume the NCAA Final Four and the College Football Championship game are taking a serious look at our city as the perfect location. A brand new, state of the art arena plopped down in the middle of a city that is home to 19 of the 20 largest hotels in the world, not to mention all of the first class dining and entertainment.

Oh and yeah, we have lots of places to lay down a bet on the Big Game. Talk about a perfect fit. Of course, you may be the kind of person who wants to get out of town when a big event takes place. Maybe Allegiant Airlines, brand name sponsor of the new arena, will offer some smoking deals for people looking to escape the pandemonium. Fly a plane full of people to the Super Bowl and then fly a plane full of locals to the beach. Could be a great marketing plan Allegiant!

Nonetheless, Go Raiders, Go Rebels, Go Vegas