Be Kind!


In my 52 years on this beautiful earth I have seen a lot of things, met a lot people and had many amazing experiences. I have traveled the world and seen extraordinary cultures and felt the love and kindness of a wide array of people. Of course I have also had the opportunity to meet some people that are not so kind and not so pleasant. I cannot deny that there are some people who are just angry and bitter all the time and pass those negative emotions on to those they come in contact with, or at least they try to.
That leads me to the main point of my blog today. BE KIND-ALWAYS-NO MATTER WHAT-BE KIND-EVERYDAY-IN EVERY WAY.
There is no substitution for kindness. When someone is being unpleasant, ornery, bitter, angry or mean, do what my Grandmother and my Mother always taught me, kill them with kindness. Kindness always wins. No matter what. Take a moment during this holiday season to go out of your way to be kind to someone. It can be someone you know or even a stranger. Buy them a Starbucks, give them a hug, offer to assist them in some small way. Even a quick smile can be a big enough gesture of kindness to lift someone out of bad mood.

Be Kind! Always!

Max Zurflueh

Human Being