Can You Legally Have A Short-Term Rental?


With all that’s happening in Las Vegas there is one question that seems to be coming up more often… “Can we turn our home into a short-term rental?” Due to the increasing popularity of online short-term rental websites such as Airbnb and HomeAway, Clark County is experiencing a growing number of homes being rented out in whole or in-part for short-term stays.
What is a short-term residential rental?
Short-term rentals are generally defined as the rental of a residential property for a period of less than 30 days.
Is it legal?
Since 1998, short-term rentals have been forbidden in residential areas of unincorporated Clark County. This prohibition applies to any lease of residential property of a period for 30 consecutive calendar days or less.
Additionally, Clark County requires a short-term or "transient lodging" business to be separately licensed and requires an annual license fee of $300.00. Further, Clark County requires the imposition of a short-term lodging tax, which must be paid for any short-term lodging operation.
Tenants Please note: Even if it is not “illegal” in your area, it is a violation of your lease with McKenna Property Management to use your home for short term rentals.
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