Coyote Safety


Coyotes are being seen around the valley in the early morning and evenings. I have see them on my morning runs near the Pittman Wash and in Anthem. Now I hear them at night and have heard they have been seen in the Northwest valley. There are a few things you can do to keep you and your pets safe:
• Don’t let your pets run free outdoors without a leash or supervision.
• Never feed a coyote.
• Turn on lights before going out in a yard at night.
• If you encounter a coyote, make a lot of noise and wave your hands to make yourself look larger.
Note where you are when you encounter a coyote. See if there is anything around the area that brought the coyote there such as open trash cans, fallen fruit or other wild life.
Be safe and enjoy the cooler weather. If you do go out carry a whistle for coyote safety and personal safety.
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