Fall In Love With Your Home Again.


Make small changes that can make your home feel new to you again.
Replace the front door. A new door not only creates a new focal point, it allows you to really get personal. Add a fun colorful wreath if replacing is not an option.
Choose a paint scheme with more than two colors. That’s not to say that you should go wild and paint your house in every color of the rainbow, but by using at least three colors, you can draw attention to the neat little details instead of letting them get lost in a monotone trim color.
Add shutters and window boxes. You can keep them seriously low-maintenance by selecting vinyl shutters in the color you’re after. Low maintenance boxes with colorful flowers can help perk up plain windows.
Relight the night. Get rid of those generic carriage lights and clunky motion detecting flood lights and install some impressive lighting on the outside of your home.
Raise some flower beds. Choose a location that makes sense, like along a walkway or up against the porch so visitors are greeted with your cheery plants.
It doesn’t take a huge budget to make changes to the outward appearance of your home. Planning colors and accessories strategically makes all the difference, especially when you’re on a limited budget.
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