Fright Dome Fun


By now we are all aware that Fall is upon us and the Halloween season is in full swing. It’s no surprise that if you’ve stepped outside recently you’ve noticed the Halloween decorations in the stores, the huge sales on bulk candy, and costumes galore for both children and adults alike. Personally, this is my favorite time of year as it brings back fond childhood memories of trick-or-treating with friends and going through as many haunted houses as possible!

My motto has always been “The scarier, the better” when the conversation centers around Halloween time. And one of the attractions put on annually here in town is Fright Dome at Circus-Circus. Now in its 15th year, Fright Dome was created by horror film director Jason Egan whose many years of experience in the industry has made Fright Dome one of the top attractions in the nation. This is the ultimate thrill seeker’s paradise as it has over 250,000 “scare feet of fear” as the website describes filled with 6 new haunted houses, 4 terrifying scare zones, and over 15 thrilling rides and attractions. I remember when I first walked through the doors 15 years ago when Fright Dome opened and being both terrified and mesmerized at how dark and spooky it was. The folks here do an outstanding job in transforming the Adventure Dome, (once known as Grand Slam Canyon for us long time locals), into a new realm where terror, gore, and anything evil is all but dead! Lurking around each corner are actors looking to prey off your fear and have you running and screaming for cover! Patrons can also enjoy the classic Canyon Blaster roller coaster that’s been there since the park’s inception as well as such rides like the Inverter, Chaos, and many more!

Each year Fright Dome is centered around a certain theme and this year they have chosen “Zombie City” to commemorate their 15th year in turning the year-round Adventure Dome into a month long haunted theme park! As expected each year, the park features scare zones along with a handful of different haunted houses centered around different concepts and famous movies and or characters! Among a few of them for this year are the “Happy Hellidays” haunted house and the debut of the “Hex” haunted house and experience! In the first ever “Happy Hellidays” haunted house Fright Dome master mind and creator Jason Egan has decided to include the other major holidays into this sick and twisted spin on Halloween hence the name. In the all new Hex haunted theme voodoo comes alive as the stores of black magic come to life! Hidden deep within the Fright Dome in the mountainside, spells are abound in this demonic labyrinth and the key is to escape alive or fall victim and have a hex fall upon you!

If you and a few friends are brave enough to try and escape the Fright Dome then come on down to Circus-Circus hotel and casino to try your luck. Fight Dome is open from 7 p.m. until midnight on select day. For more information on prices and how to buy tickets please visit their website at Fright Dome is accepting new victims nightly and there is sure to be something that will terrify even the most brave and daring of souls!