Getting Ready For Thanksgiving

As with most things, holiday crises and stress can be reduced with a little planning and imagination. Here are some ideas to help make your Thanksgiving more enjoyable and less of a headache.

-Avoid that last-minute grocery store madness by shopping early and making multiple store runs. Those last-minute trips can become overwhelming and you are more likely to forget something.

-Plan your menu in advance and create a complete list of what you need. Afterward break that list into smaller list such as perishables (dairy, eggs and fresh produce) and nonperishables (spices, canned goods and baking tools).

-Buy everything that won’t spoil as far in advance as possible. This can be done while making regular non-holiday grocery runs. A few days before pick up the turkey and perishable goods. -Keep your list where it’s in plain sight and a constant reminder of the items you need for your feast. A great location is on the refrigerator held up by magnets.

-This is the perfect time to empty the refrigerator of those leftovers and ketchup packets from a time long forgotten. Put the summertime cooler to use as secondary storage. Filled with ice or cold packs it’s a good 24 hour holding area for turkey and other foods that need to stay cold. In the interest of safety, you can place a thermometer inside to make sure the temperature stays below 40 degrees.

-To stay organized, do as the pros do. Make another list a couple of days in advance of everything you want to get done. Break that list into what can be prepared at least a day in advance and what needs to be cooked on Thanksgiving Day. Work your list based on what time you plan for dinner. Leave yourself a cushion of 10 to 15 minutes per recipe when time planning. It’s also a good idea to keep this posted in plain view to help stay on schedule.

Hopefully these tips will help you have a trouble free holiday