Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s a great time for kids to have fun, dress in costumes and even get a little exercise along the way. It’s also a time to focus on safety so that it remains a time for enjoyment. Here are a few safety tips to think about.

-Try to have costumes that are bright and reflective. If they are dark in color, consider adding some reflective tape to the costume and treat bag to help motorist easily spot kids. Ensure purchased costumes are labeled “flame resistant”. Accessories like swords and knives should be short and flexible.

-Consider safe makeup or hats instead of a mask. Masks can limit or block the field of vision. If using makeup, test it on a small area beforehand. Additionally, make sure all make up is removed before turning in for the night to avoid skin or eye irritation.

-When traveling the neighborhood tell your kids to be aware of their surroundings. A responsible adult should always accompany small children making the rounds. The adults and older children should have a cell phone handy in case of emergency. Always look both ways before crossing the street and use crosswalks whenever possible. A flashlight is a good idea to help you see and to help others see you.

-Treats should be limited to commercially packaged candy. Homemade treats are to be avoided. Parents should inspect all treats for tampering and choking potential. Treats should be rationed. Perhaps a good meal before trick-or-treating will help ward off that desire to dive into all that candy.

-Keep the home safe as well. Remove any tripping hazards for arriving trick-or-treaters, like hoses and toys from the front yard, driveway or walkway. Carved pumpkins should be kept away from flammable objects such as drapes and out of the path of visitors.

These are just a few tips. Remember to always keep safety in mind.