Henderson Is Creating JOBS!


Located in Henderson since the 80’s The McKenna Team has been around to see the growth of the city of Henderson. Debra March, the mayor of Henderson, mentioned this week, on national news, that there are jobs being created in Henderson bringing opportunity to the city and bringing people from other parts of the country to Henderson, in a rapid pace. Google is putting $600 million into Henderson over the next 20 years, Lhoist Automation is opening a factory in Henderson with 2,500 new job opportunities. The Raiders are building a practice field and Headquarters in Henderson. All bringing jobs for the construction and many other jobs after they are opened. With the cost for an 1800 sq. ft. single family home averaging $336,000 in Henderson compared to $786,000 in LA and $1.7 million in San Francisco, no wonder Henderson is a top pick to move to and purchase a home.
Don’t forget all the parks and walking trails that are located throughout the city. Not to mention, NO state income tax! All of which make Henderson a great place to call home.
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