Henna Gone Wrong

Hi, this is Irelynn; Team member with McKenna Property Management. This week I had an amazing opportunity to spend some vacation days (Thanks McKenna Property Management for the time off) in San Diego. It was absolutely beautiful. I went to Balboa, Seaport, Downtown, on hiking trails, and ate some fabulous foods. One thing I got to do while I was in Balboa Park was get a Henna tattoo. For anyone who doesn’t know, Henna is an Indian based temporary tattoo that comes from healthy skin dyes. It lasts about two weeks and is beautifully designed.
Well…the person that I went to…needs a little bit more practice. I requested an elephant with its trunk up, and water spraying out of it. I was with my friends and when the final product was done they had to excuse themselves due to the fact that they were laughing so hard.
It was not an elephant and even after the dye set and dried it was still not an elephant.
So here is what I learned- Always go to someone you can rely on and trust. That is why I would always go to McKenna Property Management for all of my housing needs. This tattoo will only last for two weeks but the house you rent will be an extension of you. ALWAYS GO WITH THE BEST!
And just for your laughs here is the final elephant henna tattoo I received.

-Irelynn Z (Team Member)
On behalf of Jenni McKenna