Make Moving A Little Easier

Moving is seldom a pleasant experience for anyone. However, there are a few “tried and true” strategies for making the transition less stressful and burdensome.


-Top of the list is give yourself as much lead time as possible. Regardless as to whether you are doing it yourself, with friends or a professional moving company there will be items that need to be planned for in advance. Do I need storage? Do I need to rent a truck? What are the potential conflicts with others schedules? These are just a few items to consider up front.

-Begin packing well in advance. Waiting until the last minute will surely lead to a ton of stress in what could be an already hectic situation.

-Use the move as an opportunity to purge yourself of the “I was going to get rid that” stuff. Given enough lead time you may be able to pick up some extra cash by having a garage sale or selling items online. Another option is donating to your favorite charity.

-Exercise the “last in first out” rule when loading your belongings. Make sure those immediate need items are easy to get to in the event you have to unload in stages. Additionally, you may want to pack the ‘must haves” in clear plastic bins so they can be easily located.

-Keep track of hardware such as screws and brackets when taking apart furniture. They could be placed in clear labeled plastic bags.

-Snap a picture of the back of electronic components before disconnecting wires. It will make reconnecting a lot easier when you have this photographic guide available.

-Lastly, have a “go bag” ready with all your personal items and a set of fresh clothes. The next day will go a lot smoother, if you have not completed unpacking, starting it refreshed.

Using these tips might help make that upcoming move a little easier.