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Hello to Home Buying


Did you know there is more to the McKenna Team then just simply property management?
If you thought property management was our only specialty, think again. The McKenna Team in partnership with Keller Williams Realty make the transition from tenant to homeowner a piece of cake. And with the market conditions making a positive change, you might be asking yourself what to do when your lease end date draws near. Whether you choose to renew your lease or start on the home buying path The McKenna Team is here for you!
While we absolutely love our tenants, we also love having the ability to help with all of our tenant home needs. If buying a home is your ultimate goal, we want to assist you in achieving it.
“Time to own the American Dream!”
Luckily we have all the resources you will need for the process from start to finish. With our highly experienced team of realtors, we can make your dreams of buying a home a reality while still keeping you a part of the McKenna family. Be sure to check out the link below to our website for more information, or contact our office at 702-434-4663 (HOME) for a Free, No obligation consult.