Positive Credit For Your On Time Rental Payments


“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.”

-William Shakespeare

Growing up most of us are hopefully taught the importance of being on time, while being late could come off as a sign of disrespect. We have spent years making sure we were sitting in our chairs before the school bell rang, but as we grow older we become much more laid back. We have grown into bad habits, learning we are supposed to be fashionably late for parties, we have found the belated birthday card section at hallmark, and no matter how late we get home from work we know DVR has already saved the day.

We know what happens when we pay our cell phone bill late, or what could happen to our cars if we let the payments slip our mind. As far as your rental payment, sure you will access late fees thus leaving less money in your pocket; but what about the trail you are leaving behind every time you let the due date come and go.

Every rental payment made is reported to credit bureaus. So ask yourself this…. Are you making a good impression?

Typically, with most companies the only data that is being reported on behalf of your rental history is the negative such as evictions, collections, and late rental payments. We believe Renters should be praised for their punctuality, that is why we choose to maintain a partnership with Appfolio Property Manager, allowing you to establish and earn credit one rental payment at a time.

We recognize the value of positive rental history, and we want to provide each of our tenants with the opportunity to be praised for managing their payments for the place they call home. So don’t be late, the first is a very important date! You can also make it easier on yourself by taking advantage of our “Online Rental Payment” system available on this website in the Tenant Portal.