Remember Boulder City!


Have you been to Boulder City lately? Boulder City, that cute little city to the southeast of Las Vegas, the gateway to Lake Mead with a main street, small town America feel.

Yes, Boulder City, which was established in 1931 to house all of the workers who were busy building Hoover Dam.

Today it remains a quiet escape from the big city, a great place to go for a quaint meal and a lazy stroll around the town.

The historic Boulder Dam Hotel offers a step back in history and the local parks are terrific for a picnic or just to lay around on a cool spring day.

In the past, if you were driving from Las Vegas to Phoenix or other areas in Arizona, you would drive right through Boulder City, you might even gas, grab a soda or maybe even stop for a meal.
Times they are a changing. Well, they have changed to be more exact.

I-11 Boulder City bypass is now complete. There is no longer a need to drive through Boulder City when travelling south. This wonderful bypass cuts off about 20 minutes from your drive to Arizona. Terrific!!
Or is it? Is Boulder City going to become like Radiator Springs in the Cars movies? Will the local businesses suffer due to lack of traffic and be forced to decrease their work force and eventually close down?
Will Boulder City lose it’s luster?

What will become of Boulder City?Much of that depends on all of us here in Southern Nevada. Let’s all get out to Boulder City. Drive out for breakfast at The World Famous Coffee Cup Cafe. Do some antiquing on Main street. Stay the night at The Boulder Dam Hotel and eat dinner at one of the amazing restaurants in Boulder City. This wonderful locale is a National Treasure. Let’s make sure it stays that way.

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