Run! Run! Run!

One of my all-time favorite ways to exercise is by running. I have done everything from a 5K to a 50 miler. I even found some of my favorite running buddies in my office. I myself know how hard it can be to find fun races near me so I can keep up with my training. That’s why I thought I would share this neat little trick with you today. It is my go to website for all of my races that I enroll in. The online address is

It is an amazing website where you can put in your state, tell it how many miles you want to run, and then it will show you countless options in your area. There’s a pie day run, and escape from prison one, and even a forest challenge one.
This website just scratches the surface of races available but it is an amazing way for you to either get started with your 2018 goals or keep up with your workouts. Some of the McKenna Team employees might be running right next to you.