Short List


Do you have a bucket list? (Visit the Eiffel Tower. Walk on the Great Wall of China. Go on an African Safari. Take a trip around the world. Run a 100-mile marathon. Write a mystery novel.)
Whether you have a neatly organized written list, or just some vague goals in your head – most of us have something they would like to do “someday”.
While you’re building that list of things to do in the unknown future, take time to make a “short-list” and actively work to accomplish something on it every day.
Do you have some trails up at Red Rock or Mt Charleston that have been calling your name, and you keep meaning to go one of these mornings?
Do you have a special dessert, main dish, salad, soup or appetizer your hidden culinary self has been aching to try?
What about that visit to the MOB Museum or Ethel M Gardens or the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay you have been meaning to take?
Have you seen some interesting clothes on people you passed by and wondered how they would look on you? Take 30 minutes out of your lunch break and go try them on! There is a chance you will hate how some of it looks and feels but you may also find some fun additions to your wardrobe.
You know you can complete your short-list of “must do” items for your daily job. Now work on your personal short-list and see how much fun and satisfaction you can add to your life way before you ever complete your bucket list!