Happy New Year!!

The new year is starting to settle in and as I get back to work after the Holidays, I usually find my good intentions for the new year going out the window. Well not this year! So far, I have been able to stay

on track for the resolutions I have set. I made them easier to manage this year by cutting them down

into smaller goals and utilizing the entire year to accomplish them. I have set SMART Goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based. Example - I want to organize and declutter my entire house by the end of 2019. I cut it down to one shelf/drawer a day in a specific room a month. This makes it more manageable and when I finish one drawer/shelf, I can stop without feeling guilty or overwhelmed that the entire room isn’t taken care of. It’s also making it easier for me to start as it doesn’t seem like a huge, unmanageable task. I also have another goal of reading instead of watching TV. I cut it down to just 30 mins a night. Again, manageable for me and once I start, I usually read longer and don’t turn on the TV. Same with exercising and eating right. Just adding one small change a day/week I have seen a larger change come from it. Last thing I found to help keep me on track is an app called HabitShare. You can add your goal and track each day you accomplish your smaller goals to get you to the larger one. You can set reminders for them as well. A few times already it has gotten me out of bed to do my small exercise routine and has remined me to drink more water.

Let us know what helps keep you on track with your goals.

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