Spring Cleaning Tip – How To Reduce/Remove Dog Odors From Your Home

We have all walked into a home and known right away a dog is loved there. Here are a few simple steps to help keep the odor at bay of the family pet. Making your home a pleasant place for everyone to visit.


1) Get in a routine of washing/vacuuming the home where the dog lays weekly & up to twice a week if needed. Example: dog beds, covers on couches and carpets.

2) Sprinkle baking soda on the large items that can’t be thrown in the washer letting it sit overnight & vacuuming in the morning. You can also spray the non-washable areas up to 3 times a week with vodka to help eliminate any smells.

3) Air purifiers are a great investment for the room the dog enjoys the most. They can help remove dander & animal allergens which may concerns those who visit the home who have pet allergies.
As always, a good nightly brushing and bathing often will help the dog stay fresh and the home as well.

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