Stay Safe Friends


I was on Facebook the other day and saw the below list in my news feed. I thought it was a great reminder on what we should be doing to stay safe in our homes.
Here are some basic Home Security Tips!
5 Things to Know About Home Security
1) Deadbolts and doors Matter. Forcible entry can be deterred by having a deadbolt with at least a 1” throw bolt and solid wood, metal or security door
2) Glass is vulnerable. Reinforce with security laminates and avoid having door locks near windows.
3) Create the look of occupancy. Use timed lights, radios, and things that appear as if you are home. Consider alarm /video.
4) What do you own? Create and maintain a Home Content Inventory list. Know what you own and be able to identify it.
5) Pay attention. Listen and look. Be aware of area activity. Write things down or take pictures, if safe to do so. Report suspicious activity/people.
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