Stopping The Squatters


According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department the estimated percentage of vacant homes with illegal occupants has risen 169 percent from 2012. This prompted our legislators to implement a change.

In the beginning of October, 2015 Nevada legislators passed Assembly Bill 386 (the “squatters law”). This law grants Nevada property owners, as well as our law enforcement an increased ability to handle squatters through out the city. Despite their unlawful occupancy, law enforcement as well as property owners had their hands tied when it came to removing most squatters from their “free” home of choice. Leaving you and the management company with the head ache of an eviction process.

Now, violators have much harsher punishments.

The first offense being a gross misdemeanor, following offenses are class-D felonies. These offenses are punishable by up to four years (4) in jail and fines. Since taking effect October 1st, 2015 Metro has made roughly 24 arrests under the new charge, and has received over 2,200 service calls thus far.


While we watch our city blossom out of this squatter utopia and into a much more stable market, it is reassuring to know we do in fact have laws in place to better secure our homes and to keep our communities safer.

If you need to report a potential squatting situation contact the Las Vegas Police Department at (702) 828-3111 or you may fill out an Incident Crime Report online at:

File An Incident Crime Report With LVMPD

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