Take A Hike!!

I believe May is the best month of the year, and not just because it is my birth month. It is because it’s the perfect temperature, the flowers are blooming, the parks are full, and school is out. So, before it does get too hot and all we can do outside is swim, take some time to become one with the outdoors.

Everybody thinks that the only good thing about Vegas is the casinos but if you are willing to take a quick 45-minute drive, you will be at some of the most beautiful hiking trails Nevada has to offer. Mt. Charleston is one of my personal favorites. There are multiple trails offered starting at beginner one milers all the way to advanced six milers.

If you want to start out small do the Echo/ Little Falls or the Sawmil

l Loop. If you want to do something more intense you have Bristlecone and Mummy Springs. And for all you advanced hikers give Trail Canyon or South Loop a go.

My advice is that if you are one of the unlucky ones and your A/C goes out this summer, take some time while The McKenna Team is getting it fixed, and enjoy the fresh air before you are back in your fixed, air-conditioned filled rental.

For more information about the intensity and distance of the hikes, check out this site:


-Irelynn Z. / The McKenna Team