Water Restriction Seasonal Change

Spring Watering Season

We have now entered the spring watering season for the Las Vegas Valley Water District. The Spring restrictions go into effect the 1st of March through the 30th of April. Mandatory guidelines limit watering to three assigned days per week and includes drip systems. What happens if you don’t comply with restrictions? You could receive a water waste fee or citation. These fees can range from $80 for a 1st offense to over $5,000, depending on you meter size and number of violations.

In general, you can water your Lawn 3 times per day, for 4 minutes with 1 hour in between each watering cycle. Drip watering is needed less frequently than sprinklers. For drip irrigation, The Las Vegas Valley Water District recommends watering in a single cycle of 30 to 90 minutes, two days a week. How long each cycle should be, is based on several factors such as emitter flow rate, soil type and weather conditions.

The specific days you allowed to water is based on your assigned groups. Details on conservation measures, additional restrictions, water waste and watering tips can be found by visiting the Las Vegas Valley Water District web site. Additionally, you can also find out which group you belong to on the site.

Also remember to adjust you sprinkler clock ahead an hour when daylight savings time begins on Sunday, March 12th.