Meet our Team

  • Tim McKenna

    Broker/ Owner

  • Jenni McKenna

    Broker/ Owner

  • Max Zurflueh


  • Carolyn Blackburn

    Realtor/Listing Specialist

  • Nicole Boyd

    Tenant Liaison/Realtor®

  • Brian Morrell


With over 60 years of experience The McKenna Team is here to help you with all your real estate needs. When you need an expert on the Las Vegas/Henderson, NV market you know you can count on them.

Tim McKenna; Broker/Owner

If it has happened in real estate it has happened to Tim McKenna. Tim has been a Realtor® in the Las Vegas Valley for over 30 years and has managed over 6 real estate offices. Tim served as the president of Prudential Southwest Realty and as a broker for multiple companies. He has worked and lived through all types of markets and has seen first hand the ebb and flow of the real estate market. It is reassuring to have someone with so much experience lead the McKenna Team. What do we do when we have a question about real estate? We CALL TIM. We encourage you to do the same. Want to know how to direct your investment funds into real estate? CALL TIM. Want to know the best way to go about getting your property on the market and getting the top price for it? CALL TIM. Tim is co-owner of McKenna Property Management and also well versed in vacant land and commercial real estate. CALL TIM today and get the answers to your real estate questions.

Jenni McKenna; Broker/Owner

25 years ago, Jenni McKenna made a decision to follow in her father’s footsteps and pursue a career in real estate. Over the next ten years the two of them built a successful real estate team, which has become one of the top real estate businesses in Las Vegas. In 2005 Jenni turned her focus and energies to creating and operating a successful property management company. The result of those efforts is McKenna Property Management. Jenni treats every property that she manages as if it were her own. Her commitment to excellent customer service and continued communication with her clients are only a few of the traits that make Jenni McKenna the best property manager in Las Vegas. McKenna Property Management (702) 434-4663 (HOME)

Max Zurflueh; Broker/Salesperson

Since joining the McKenna Team in 2006, Max has grown into one of the most respected agents in the Las Vegas Valley. With his upbeat, humorous attitude, Max makes the home selling and home buying process a fun one for his clients. Max has sharpened his real estate skills in a tough market, learning all the ins and outs of bank-owned transactions, short sales, and of course traditional equity sales. If you are looking to sell, buy or invest in real estate, call Max, and buckle up. It is sure to be an exciting ride! 

Carolyn Blackburn; Realtor®/Listing Specialist

Carolyn, a native Nevadan, graduated from real estate school and became a Realtor in 2005 and one year later joined the McKenna Team as their Listing Specialist. Since joining the team she has worked on all types of listing files including equity listings, short sales, probate sales, probate short sales and REO's or bank owned properties. She has seen them all and can answer all of your questions and ease your concerns. She also enjoys being out of the office and showing homes to prospective buyers. Carolyn finds herself in the middle of a highly successful real estate career and looks forward to many more positive relationships with seller's and buyer's.

Nicole Boyd; Tenant Liaison/Realto

Nicole helps manage Tenant and Owner relations and has been with the team for 9 years. She initiates tenant relationships, from finding a suitable residence to overseeing the rental application and leasing process. Nicole works closely with Jenni McKenna to establish long standing relationships with property owners. She functions as Home Owners Association liaison by communicating with tenants for immediate corrections and following through to ensure a resolution was reached. Nicole is also a licensed Realtor® and helps families and investors find the right properties. Nicole is a team member you can turn to for any real estate management questions or concerns.

Brian Morrell; Accountant/Realtor® 

Brian is our "Numbers Man" and our owners best friend. He will see to it that your check is cut by the 9th of each month and mailed or direct deposited no later than the 11th of the same month. Brian will make sure that your taxes and HOA payments get paid on time each month.

Melinda; Realtor®/Executive Assistant

Melinda is Jenni McKenna’s executive assistant and works to get newly acquired properties ready for the market in a timely manner. She has worked in our Real Estate department for a many years and is familiar with the contracts and disclosures and can help answer questions in those areas. Additionally, she is a licensed Realtor® and has been with the McKenna Team since 2010.

Elonda;  Move-out Specialist

Elonda is responsible for closing out the properties when they go vacant. She organizes and over sees the repairs that need to be done to prepare the property for re-rent.  

Jill; Leasing Specialist/Realtor ®

Jill is responsible for all tenant lease renewals and distribution of a current market analysis and inspection report prior to lease renewals. She makes sure that all vendor invoices are paid in a timely manner. Additionally, Jill handles all 1099’s and the yearend tax process, as well assist all owners with any statement inquires.

Stephanie; Director of First Impressions

Stephanie greets everyone with a smile as they walk through the door. She answers the phones and handles any customer inquiries. She will gladly assist you with any of your questions or guide you to the correct department if you need further assistance.

Katlyn; Application Consultant

Katlyn works with prospective tenants from start to finish. She makes relocating seamless for our clients and tenants. Additionally, she assists in lease signings and keeping all our owners up to date on the properties.

Cathie; Property Inspection Coordinator

As Property Inspection Coordinator Cathie gets to play the role of “Private Investigator” or “Puzzle-piece Matcher”. She conducts research to confirm owner and tenant repair issues are properly documented and completed on the various properties. Additionally, she is responsible for contacting owners or tenants, confirming that the repair has been completed satisfactorily. Cathie takes great pleasure in playing a small role in serving all of you.

Madison; Repairs Coordinator

Repair Coordinator: Madison works with the owners, tenants and vendors to make sure repairs are being completed in a timely manner. She works alongside Ariane in the repairs department and together they make sure the properties are maintained. 

Sharie; Special Projects

Sharie handles all insurance claims and collections.

Maria; HOA Assistant Manager

Maria focuses primarily on HOA’s and building relationships with residents in order to keep your home in compliance. 

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